Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, it's kinda cool right here at camp, and I've been thinking a lot about numerous things, all of them beneficial for where I am at this point in my life. Something that hit me though was the fact of Love. Like this irreplaceable love that we can't ignore or deny or anything. We can only accept it. it's so evident so clear that there's no alternative. It's soo cool!

Like today, as I was weed eating around the camp I noticed the camp directors wife coming home from work, and her daughter 12 or 13 years old came running out the front door to greet her. it was like the perfect moment. I mean who does that!! It's so abnormal for us to see this much love coming through that it's . . . well abnormal. How sad is that? How pathetic is that people who were DESIGNED to love can't seem to do it right. Children can't love their parents, and people can't love their siblings or spouses for very long, unless they're getting something in return for it. It's terrible.

I mean what was the first thing that the LORD said was not good in the world. That man was alone was the thing that was not alone. It's ideal that we're together, it's ideal that we're in love and loving each other. I mean, we can't even love each other and brother and sisters in Christ as well as we should. It's disgusting.

My goal, is to dare to be loved, and to dare to love unashamed, unabashed, uninhibitedly, and unruly. I want my love to pour over into everything else that is part of my life, and the only reason that I'm capable is because of the LORD.

So, love like there's no tomorrow may take a new meaning after seeing this today.
I want that in my life, I want that with my children and my wife, and my family and my friends. But more so, I want that with my LORD. He loves me that much so why can't i love him that much.