Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When we drive, we go where we focus. If you focus on the mailboxes on the side of the road you're going to drift that way. If you text and drive you might notice that what ever hand you text with, which direction your head turns, is the way you'll find your car drifting if you look down long enough.

It's the same thing for our life.

If we focus on something we're going to drift to it. If I focus on my pleasure I'm going to pursue money, sex, alcohol, and other things. If I focus on pleasing others than I'm going to substitute my morals, and my values out for theirs.

It can be a good, great, and awesome thing however.

If we focus on Jesus, If we dwell on Him we'll start to be like Him. We'll act, talk, walk, think, pray and praise like He did while he was here on earth. It's a great thing. If we focus on Jesus we'll be like Him.

Who woulda thunk?

Paul tells us to be in like mind with Christ, which is going to make us like Him. So lets do it.