Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walking away from the cross.

In an earlier post I believe I told a story about how I've come to look at people coming and bringing things to the Cross of Jesus Christ and leaving them there. It was three different people, one who left it there and just walked away from it, one who set it down, sat down and waited and when things didn't work in his time he picked it back up and left. and then the last who dropped it off, and prayed and then picked it back up and left.

There's a crucial thing wrong with that that I've come to understand, something that Changes how I look at that whole idea. Something that's probably rather elementary yet was out of my understanding for a while. They all walk away from the cross, they all in some way shape or form walk away from the cross. Instead of dropping things off at the feet of Jesus and at the base of His cross, what if we handed them over to Him, and let him cast them away as far as the east is from the west, and then clung too and kept our eye focused on the cross. Sin can't enter into our lives if we cling to the cross, and let it be the mainstay in our lives, but if we don't and we let go and look around we fall short.

Just like peter on the water, once he took his focus off of Jesus he began to doubt and then fell into the sea and could no longer walk on water. It was his faith that allowed him to look to Jesus for that miracle, and it was his doubt his FLESH that kept him from keeping that Gaze fixed on Jesus which thus made him fall.

So let's turn our eyes to Jesus, turn our sin over to him and Not fall short. Let's persevere to the end, and keep our eyes fixed on him because then walking on water could simply be the beginning.

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