Monday, April 6, 2009


So, just like every week since this semester started I had to get up at 5:30 today, Monday, so that I could go to work. Work at 6 am. . .twice a week and then 5 am once a week. . . my work schedule has officially tried to kill me. All semester I've been missin classes trying to get some sleep, and now that I can't miss any more classes I'm all tired, all the time. But that's w/e I'll survive I love monster anyways. It's more so that I've been slow in my Classes, I need to focus more to stay in tune with what's actually due that week in each class. . . Speaking of which I hope this paper goes well that I have to write today, I don't have room for mistake with this prof. He grades like crazy, anything under an 80% is failing, and people say our grading scale in Christian colleges is easier, nope not happening.

Today I feel like I'm going to spend a lot of time thinking, and possibly more time on this or writing my thoughts down some where else, I do that alot it helps to organize things. Once I see something down on paper/computer screen I tend to be able to make more sense of it in my own mind. But still sometimes it never works and the thoughts I have never made sense. But w/e that's what my wise counsel is for to help me make sense of things, but typically only major things. I'm just bored, waiting for class to start now, biding my time until my day begins in a rush of four hours of non stop, then lunch and either strait to the library to work on this paper, or to health services to get my leg looked at, cause it hurts. . . A Lot.

Time to go to class. .. Yay! can you feel my enthusiasm??


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