Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been thinking lately that I often don't jump when I come to the edge of a cliff. And while I'm not being like literal when I say cliff, I'm talking about those choices we make where we can either take a leap of faith or sit on the edge and look and debate what we should do but never really do anything. I've made a choice to start to Jump.

I got my wrists tattooed with the reference to 1 John 4:18 which is There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not made perfect in love. No fear. No fear in all of my weaknesses. I have no reason to fear, it's hitting me harder and harder every day. I have no reason to fear. I can take that leap, I can throw myself over the edge because I have faith that I'm going to be okay. I figure hey there's one of two options, jump or be complacent. If I jump I"m either going to hit the ground running and I'm going to be fine as it is, or the Lord is going to lift me up and carry me as I plummet towards the ground, but He will save me anyways.

Plus I've noticed that in my past if I stay I usually end up being pushed over the edge anyways. With Moody, I didn't send in the application because I figured I wasn't good enough, I didn't jump, and I was pushed over the edge and now I'm here. With Camp last summer, I shoulda went right away, but I said no because it wasn't enough money, and I wanted to be home with my friends and the girl. I ended up going anyways, lost 95% of my hours at my job, got into more fights with the girl, and grew apart from my friends anyways. I went, I got pushed over the edge to take the Jump and go to camp, and I loved it. Best summer of my life! Met awesome people, grew so much close to my Savior, and I was happy with so little. That was ideal.

So, I'm learning to jump. It's like with the zip line at camp, the first time I went down the Big zip line Uno wanted me to go down inorder to help beat my fear of heights (it worked now i love rock climibing!) so we went up higher than the high ropes course and did the zip line, it was so high, I could have either sat on the edge and he was going to push me anyways, I was going or nothing that was the end of it. So i made the best of it, I jumped, I stepped off the edge and took a leap, and it paid off.

Moral of the story is: Jump. Don't look back, don't think too hard (something I'm still learning), don't second guess it. Jump. If you fail the Father will lift you up, if you succeed you'll feel so grateful for the experience. If you stay on the edge and watch, you'll either be unfulfilled, or pushed anyways.

So why Wait. Just Jump.


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  1. i totally and completelly in love with this blog! its so totally true! it reminds me of the saying, "Live life as if it was ur last!! u never know when u could be gone!" and it is so true! im glad that u are following the lord and growing closer to him! if we all could be as strong as u..i know that its not that easy!!
    Kayla L.