Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, yea. Nothing profound today, my brain is fried from trying to be productive in the library on Thursday, yea that's right four days later and I'm still fried. But yea, anyways.

had a great weekend! Friday went to work at the star, that was weird going back but w/e I made decent Money, Prolly be back this weekend to make extra cash. I went to movies with Jen and Chuck and Dani. Fighting was a good movie I like it. Then we just chilled and Saturday ahh i attempted to work on my Philosophy class, yea that didn't work out well at all. Then i went to BWW with Dani to watch the draft that was cool, then we went to church and Chilled with her mom and brother and peoples. It was cool. Then today I slept in, and came back to school early and did nothing productive what so ever! it was great! lol. O well.

I was talking to a friend and I said this in regards to how one acts and I thought about how I've used it in my past to stand up when I get knocked down.

When we use our past as an excuse to be mediocre or to be bitter and mean and what not, we actually lose. We think that because it's not worse that we're winning and advancing but we're not. It's when we use our past as a booster to step up and be better that we win. If we simply let our past dictate how we are, and that response isn't a better response than our past, then we accomplish nothing. Be Better. Better than your painful past, Better than your sin, Better than our previous lives before Christ. Be Better.

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